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News and Updates

2014 Frostbite Regatta is On Nov 1, 2014

Entry Packets/Info on the 2014 Frostbite Regatta are now available! Entries and fees must be received by Oct. 8, 2014. Only one entry packet per club. Please download link above for detailed info.

Concept 2 Oars for Sale

Big Blade Hatchets Big Blade Hatchets Fat Smoothie 1 Hatchets
Adjustable Length (372-377cm)
Wood Veneer Handles
Set of 8, $1200
Adjustable Length (368-373cm)
Green Plastic Handles
Set of 10, $1250
Adjustable Length (360-365cm)
Green Plastic Handles
Set of 10, $1250

Replacement camera

Hey everyone, I burned out the shutter on my camera while taking photos at Regionals.  It happens every two-three years because I take so many shots.  My options are to fix it, buy another or both in order to have a backup.  My current backup is only a 10 MP camera (pretty dated) which has reached the end of it’s useful life.  In any case, that pretty much means that I have take the both option.  In all, it will end up costing upwards of $1500.  I’m looking for donations to help defray the cost.  So, give up a latte and make a donation to help replace my camera!  Thanks

Boats for sale

Available December (2014), we have a mid and small size Pocock Hypercarbon eights available. Both shells where built in 2011. The prices have not been determined yet, but they will be priced at least 30% off a new boat. The boats are in excellent condition and move very quickly. If you are interested, they can be inspected at any of the three regattas that Green Lake hosts. If you are interested, please contact Jason Frisk early to reserve the boat!