Why Green Lake?

  History of Green Lake Crew Rowing Advisory Council Coaches and Staff  

The Puget Sound area offers no scarcity of rowing programs, from the clubs on Lake Union to boathouses at the north and south ends of the region. So why choose Green Lake Crew?

At Green Lake, rowers enjoy a body of water free from pleasure and industrial boats. The controlled, safe waterway allows athletes to accomplish their workout without wakes or sudden surprises. The risk of collision and injury is less when rowers know exactly how many other boats are out on the lake on any given day.

The park also offers an escape from the noise and bright lights of city life. Located in a tranquil Seattle neighborhood, Green Lake provides a quiet escape to nature, complete with blue herons, eagles, ducks, lilly pads, and colorful flowers and trees.

Perhaps most important to the avid rower, Green Lake’s boathouse contains the best equipment in the city. The strength and history of the junior and master rowing programs means Green Lake’s boats are replaced every few years. The singles, doubles, quads, fours and eights available for member use are the newest and best equipment on the market. Rowers won’t need to deal with broken parts, deteriorating boats, or old technology. Green Lake prides itself on the best shellhouse around.

Green Lake also recognizes that most adult rowers have busy lives. Families and work commitments compete with rowing time. In a nod to ever changing schedules, the club does not require any upfront membership fee. Rowers can either sign up for a six to eight week session of four classes a week, or simply purchase a punch card that enables them to pay as they go. For the occasional rower, the punch card option makes financial sense and offers utmost flexibility.