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Rowing on a team is an incredible experience! A sense of accomplishment and pride is gained as youth work to meet the physical and mental challenges of the sport of rowing. The rigorous sport also teaches sportsmanship and team camaraderie. The program is open to boys and girls ages 13-18 and in grades 8-12. No exceptions. Classes teach the fundamentals of the stroke as well as boat handling, water safety, and care of equipment. All classes are geared towards competitive rowing.

Green Lake Crew is a program of the Seattle Parks Department; registration and class information is available through their SPARC system. See the Green Lake Small Craft Center Annual Brochure (PDF) for detailed information about the GLSCC, classes, and registration procedures.

Junior classes

Novice Team

A novice rower is anyone who has no prior rowing experience, regardless of age. Novices start their rowing education with water and boating safety. The safety of our rowers is of utmost importance to the program.

Experienced Team

After rowing through their first spring season, novices move up to row with the experienced crew. Experienced rowers compete at different levels depending on ability, experience, and commitment.

  •  “3V” and “4V” – rowers who have completed one spring season of rowing and are in the “third from varsity” or “fourth from varsity” boats.
  • “JV” – the rowers who are one step from the varsity boat
  • “Lightweight varsity” – the fastest lightweight rowers. Rowers in this boat are eligible for varsity letters in the spring. There is also a lightweight category at the Youth Invitationals each year
  • “Varsity” – the fastest and most capable rowers

Occasionally, there are changes in assignments during the season based on the results of seat racing, “erg” times, and coaches’ assessments of performance and participation.

Spring Weight Categories:

  • Light weight women must weigh 130 pounds or less
  • Light weight men must weigh 155 pounds or less
  • Open weight rowers have no weight restrictions