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Adults interested in rowing as “Masters” out of the Green Lake Small Craft Center (GLSCC) participate in Rowing I, Rowing II-III, or Rowing IV. A description of each class is below.

Online class registration is available through the tables below, or through the GLSCC office. For Rowing II-III participants, Green Lake also offers an open row “punch card” option that enables rowers to attend any regularly-scheduled adult on-water rowing session for $14 per row. However, we encourage regular participants to register for each seasonal class (at $10 per row). Participants who join a class after the first day may have their registration fee prorated by contacting the GLSCC office.

For questions about the Masters rowing program, contact Nick Fradkin, Masters Rowing Coordinator, at

Rowing I (Learn-to-Row)

Adults new to rowing can take our learn-to-row class, which teaches the fundamentals of rowing. This class covers the basics of the rowing stroke, rowing terms, boat handling, equipment care, water safety, and coxing skills. Students begin by learning the basics of the rowing stroke on ergometers (indoor rowing machines) and in docked boats, then quickly progress to rowing in sweep (one oar per person) racing shells. Depending on class size, students may also be introduced to sculling (two oars per person). Satisfactory completion of this class qualifies adults for Rowing II. Learn-to-row classes meet nine times for two hours each, for a total of 18 hours of instruction. We row rain or shine, so come prepared!

DatesDaysTimeCostRegistration link
4/22 - 5/20Mon/Wed6:45-8:45pm$100CLASS FULL
5/28 - 6/25Tue/Thu5:30-7:30am$10019329
5/29 - 6/26Mon/Wed6:45-8:45pm$10019317
6/29 - 7/27Sat/Sun11:00am-1:00pm$10019627
7/1 - 7/29Mon/Wed6:45-8:45pm$100TBA
7/2 - 8/1Tue/Thu5:30-7:30am$100TBA
8/12 - 9/11Mon/Wed6:45-8:45pm$100TBA
9/28 - 10/26Sat/Sun11:00am-1:00pm$100TBA

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Rowing II-III (Novice/Recreational Rowing)

Completion of Rowing I, or equivalent rowing experience, is a prerequisite for Rowing II. These practices include rowers with varying experience levels, but who generally share the common goals of improving their fitness and rowing skill.

Most novice rowers, or those with less than one year of rowing experience, are part of the Rowing II group. Rowing II participants are encouraged to put their skills to the test at our three annual Green Lake regattas. Rowing III is our more experienced group of rowers who enjoy rowing for the social outlet and the outdoor experience, and who are not necessarily interested in racing. However, many participants opt to race in regional regattas, such as the USRowing Northwest Masters Regional Championships in Vancouver, WA each June.

Rowing II and Rowing III practice together on weekend mornings, year-round, and on weekday evenings in the late spring and summer. GLSCC also offers a Tuesday/Thursday mid-morning class for this group.

All participants should have current USRowing memberships. Instructions for obtaining a membership are here.

DatesDaysTimeCostRegistration link
4/27 - 6/16
5/25, 5/26,
6/8, 6/9)
4/23 - 6/20Tue/Thu9:00-11:00am$18018464
4/23 - 6/20Tue/Thu6:45-8:45pm$18019336

Rowing IV (Competitive Rowing)

Rowers with at least two years of rowing experience, who want to compete at a high level, and meet the eligibility criteria as determined by the coaching staff, can participate in Rowing IV. In addition to the aforementioned Rowing II-III regattas, Rowing IV rowers compete at the Head of the Lake, Head of the Charles, and Opening Day regattas. This group typically practices Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday mornings for most of the year. Class registration is required for Rowing IV.

DatesDaysTimeCostRegistration link
4/22 - 6/19M/W/F + Sat5:30-7:30am + 9-11am$30019319

Erg Conditioning Classes

In the fall, winter, and early spring, coaches use the Tuesday/Thursday evening time slot to run on-land fitness classes, mostly consisting of indoor rowing on the ergometers. Classes typically consist of a warmup, a workout, and a post-workout stretch. Coaches emphasize proper rowing technique to help optimize participants’ fitness for on-water rowing.

DatesDaysTimeCostRegistration link

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