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Costs: We’ve prepared an estimate of crew costs for the year for parents, so that you can see what’s coming up and do your financial planning further in advance. We know that the financial costs of participating in any team sport at this age can seem daunting. Please don’t let these numbers keep your child from participating at Green Lake! We have a 65- year history of ensuring that anyone who comes to us and puts in the effort to be part of the Green Lake Crew family will be able to row regardless of financial circumstances — no one gets left behind. Financial aid is available to assist families. We will work with you to make it possible! Contact Jason Frisk for more information.

2017- Estimated Crew Costs

Keep up to date: Communication with parents/guardians of Green Lake Junior Crew rowers is facilitated through a Yahoo Groups email account. At least one parent/guardian of every rower should be on the list with an email account they check regularly to receive timely information. You can sign yourself up to the group by sending an email to:

The following information is an excerpt from our Parent Handbook. Download the Parent Handbook for more information about rowing as a sport and your role in helping your child have a successful experience with Green Lake Crew!

 2017 Handbook  2017 Events Calendar

Understanding the requirements of this sport from a parent’s perspective will help support your athlete. Rowing requires a tremendous commitment from each parent to help each rower succeed.

Transportation: Unless your teen is able to drive, you will need to arrange transportation to and from Green Lake. Metro Transit routes 16, 26, 48, and 358 serve the Green Lake area. Since practices are every weekday and time on the water is limited, make every effort to get your rower to crew on time. Note: half of each practice involves a land-based workout, and half is on the water. Typically, the boys are working out on land while the girls are on the water, and vice versa.

Absences: The coaches expect every rower to participate every day. If an absence is unavoidable, he or she must call the office by 3:00 p.m. and tell his or her coach that they will be absent. However, multiple absences will hurt the athlete’s chances for advancement.

Start and End Times: The time your rower will be at the lake may be different than what is printed in the registration materials. Coaches will expect experienced rowers to be at the lake from 3:00-5:30 p.m. for girls, and from 3:30-6:00 p.m. for boys. There is also an optional 30 minute additional training after each session. However, because junior rowing is not allowed in the dark, some modification of this schedule is made during the winter months.

Vacations: Rowing continues through midwinter break (in February) and spring breaks (in March/April). Your rower’s success in crew depends to a significant extent on attendance. Please keep this in mind when making vacation plans. Coaches will encourage your family to avoid taking vacations during these school break times.

Clothing: The best clothing for rowing and land workouts is soft, stretchy, and fairly form fitting. Polypro, CoolMax, and similar fabrics are best because they keep the rower relatively warm even when wet and they dry quickly. Loose clothing can get caught in the slides, so avoid basketball style shorts or warm-ups. Running shoes and socks are needed every day for land workouts. Good running shoes are essential and should be replaced after every 300 or 400 miles of use. Super Jock and Jill (on the north side of the lake) offers a 10% discount to Green Lake rowers.

In addition, the boathouse office sells Green Lake Crew rowing clothing. For regattas, your rower will need a racing tank top, which can be purchased in the boathouse office. Occasionally, unisuits, sweat suits, or t-shirts are ordered by specific boats or by the junior rowing captains for team members.

The following on-line sites may be helpful to you for purchasing practice clothing for your rower:, and

Green Lake hosted regattas: Green Lake hosts three regattas a year: Frostbite (November), Spring (March), and the Summer Extravaganza (August). Hosting regattas requires many volunteers: set-up people, launch drivers, dock masters, finish line workers, food booth helpers, t-shirt sales people, and more. We will put out a call for volunteers through the Yahoo list.

Away Regattas: Getting your rowers to regattas can be challenging. Your child usually needs to be at the course significantly before the races begin, often very early in the morning. The coach will always specify the arrival time in advance. You provide transportation to local events. Green Lake Crew provides chartered buses for races outside the Seattle area. Note that not all rowers race at all venues.

Regatta costs are separate from program fees, and can vary from $45 for a local, one-day event, to several hundred dollars for multi-day events outside of Seattle. If your rower will be racing at a regatta, you will get as much advance notice as we can provide, with a cost breakdown and information about the regatta. At Green Lake Crew, we leave no rower behind for lack of funding, so please ask about financial aid if you need the assistance.

When the crew travels to regattas outside the Seattle area, chaperons are needed. Chaperons travel on the bus or plane with the team, sleep where the team sleeps (often on a gym floor), and help out wherever needed. The Junior Boosters provide food for the team at many regattas. Volunteers set up the food booth, cook, and serve throughout the day, helping to keep the rowers well fed and ready to row.

Fundraising: Green Lake Crew has two scheduled fundraising events during the year.

In the fall there is an Erg-a-thon, a very low-key event which requires a few chaperons and some people to help set up. If you are a night owl or like early morning events, this may be perfect for you! We bring several ergs over to University Village and have our rowers keep them moving throughout the day, generating awareness and raising money for the program.

The “Raisin’ of the Green” dinner/auction is our major fundraising/social event. It is held in April. This is one of the most important ways Green Lake raises money to provide all the top of the line rowing equipment and scholarships. Volunteers are needed to help with planning, procurement, and on the day of the event. Green Lake Crew encourages everyone to contribute as generously as possible, and above all to attend the event.

Awards: Our final event of the year, in May, is Awards Night, when the rowers are recognized for their hard work and dedication. Volunteers set up, decorate, and serve refreshments.