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Upcoming Events

all-day Brentwood
Apr 26 – Apr 28 all-day
A three day (overnight) event for all our crews (passport required). Brentwood College School hosts this event on its campus in Mill Bay, British Columbia. The 1500 meter race is in the salt water of Sanich Inlet directly in front of the school. All race day activity is centered here, though Green Lake Crew uses the gym floor of a nearby high school for lodging. Accommodations for visiting parents are limited. Check the Brentwood School website at Look under
all-day Opening Day/Windermere Cup
Opening Day/Windermere Cup
May 4 all-day
An event for our experienced crews (by invite) which happens on the Montlake Cut near UW. This race has events for juniors, collegiate, masters, and sometimes international Olympic team rowers. The course is 2000 meters starting in Lake Washington and finishing just at the west end of the cut. The best viewing is from the Montlake Cut or Bridge. Launching is at the University of Washington’s Conibear shellhouse located just east of the U.W. Intramural Activities Building and tennis courts.
all-day NW Junior Regional Championships
NW Junior Regional Championships
May 16 – May 19 all-day
A three day (overnight) event for all our crews which happens onVancouver Lake, WA. The 2000 meter race course at Vancouver Lake is centered on Vancouver Lake Park. Launching, parking and best viewing are all in the park.

Green Lake Small Craft Center
5900 W Green Lake Way N
Seattle, WA 98103
Tel. 206-684-4074

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Year Regattas
2019 Spring Regatta
2018 Frostbite
2018 Extravaganza
2018 Spring Regatta
2017 Frostbite
2017 Extravaganza
2017 Spring Regatta
2017 Head To Head
2016 Frostbite
2016 Extravaganza
2016 Spring Regatta
2016 Head to head Results
2015 Frostbite
2015 Summer Extravaganza
2015 Spring Regatta
2014 Frostbite Regatta
2014 Summer Extravaganza
2014 Spring Regatta
2013 Frostbite canceled due to weather
2013 Summer Extravaganza
2013 Spring Regatta
2012 Frostbite
2012 Extravaganza
2012 Spring Regatta
2011 Frostbite
2011 Summer Extravaganza
2011 Spring Regatta
2010 Frostbite
2010 Summer Extravaganza
2010 Spring Regatta
2009 Frostbite Regatta
2009 Summer Extravaganza
2009 Spring Regatta
2008 Frostbite Regatta
2008 Summer Extravaganza
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2000 Frostbite Results
2000 Green Lake Summer Extravaganza Results
2000 Mst Regionals, Sat Results (pdf format)
2000 Mst Regionals, Sun Results (pdf format)
2000 Cover Bridge Results
2000 Green Lake Spring Regatta results
1999 Frostbite Regatta
1999 Green Lake Extravaganza
1999 Masters Regionals – Sunday results
1999 Masters Regionals – Saturday results
1999 Green Lake Spring Regatta
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