Events are most successful when scheduled for weekend afternoons or weekday evenings, depending on the type of event.

We recommend beginning with some time for guests to meet and greet one another, before diving into the meat of the event

No matter what the event, these three things should occur:

  1. Introduction (3-5 minutes). Usually done by the host. Thank your guests for coming. Talk with them about what having a new home for the Green Lake Community Boathouse means to you and why you decided to host an event. The more personal and individualized you can make the intro the better – people like and connect to personal stories.
  2. Remarks and Q&A (10-20 minutes). Given by the host (or designated guest) – share about the new home and what it will provide. Use the suggested collateral pieces and the website for inspiration. Allow your guests to ask questions.
  3. The pitch (5 minutes). Made by the host. The “pitch” asks people to engage with Green Lake Community Boathouse and explains how they can help. Use your event goals to determine what you’re going to ask your guests to do. For example, to write a check or make a gift online if you are hosting a fundraising event.

After the pitch, the formal program is over and guests go back to mingling.

  • You may decide that you want your event to be less formal, so feel free to adapt this format to something that would better suit your friends and guests.
  • If you are hosting a fundraising event, collecting contributions is very important. After the pitch, you should distribute pledge forms (found on the collateral page), and have your guests make their donations. Please make sure that all forms are filled out completely and clearly.

After your event: Within 24 hours of your event, please mail or drop off any donation envelopes and sign-in sheets to:

Green Lake Rowing Advisory Council
c/o the Associated Recreation Council
ATTN: Sonia Doughty
8061 Densmore Ave N.
Seattle, WA 98103