Recruit co-hosts

Consider finding a friend or fellow rower from your class to co-host your event. Having a friend or two help can increase your guest list and distribute tasks.

 Pick a date and time

We recommend evaluating time allotment based on the type of event and giving guests as much notice as possible.

Choose a location

There are a variety of options depending on the event, from bars and restaurants to playfields and backyards. 

Create a guest list

Think broadly about your social contacts. Plan to invite two to three times the number of guests you expect to attend. More information on building a great guest list is on the invitation list page.

State “suggested donation” on invitation

It’s important to clearly communicate this to your guests. Listing a “suggested donation” on your invitations is a great way to let them know what you’re asking. Consider $50, $75, $100, or more depending on what you think is appropriate.

Send invitations and track RSVPs

The collateral page of this kit includes examples of save the dates, invitations, and thank-you emails. Evite, PaperLessPost.com, and Facebook are good options for free and easy invitations and RSVP tracking. Send your save the dates as far in advance as possible, and plan to send your invitations 3-4 weeks in advance.

 Make personal contact to confirm attendance

Budget time to follow up with your undecided and confirmed guests. Sending a reminder the week before the event, or making a personal phone call, can make all the difference in ensuring your guests’ attendance.

Post-event follow-up

After your event, email those who attended, as well as those who couldn’t come but were interested in learning more, to thank them and give them a link to the Green Lake Community Boathouse website. This is a great reminder for those who might want to find out more.

Keep in touch with your Green Lake Community Boathouse representative

Do you plan to host an event? Please let Jill MacCorkle (development@greenlakecrew.org) know so she can answer any questions, help you brainstorm, and provide you with materials – and even a speaker – to help make your event a huge success.

Most importantly – we want to hear from you! Please be in touch to share your story with the Green Lake Community Boathouse alumni team – send us photos, personal stories, or information on your success, and indicate if we can share it on our website and Facebook page.