Before you plan your event, it’s important to think about what kind of event you want to host.

  • Celebrate by raising money for the Green Lake Community Boathouse – Host a birthday party or other celebratory event and make the new Green Lake Community Boathouse the focus. Educate guests about a cause that is important to you and ask for donations in place of traditional gifts.
  • Host a house party – Invite friends and family over to mingle over drinks and snacks while learning about the new home of Green Lake Community Boathouse.
  • Benefit concert – Have a local band play a show in your backyard or local bar with ticket sales going to benefit Green Lake Community Boathouse.
  • Walk-a-thon – Host a walk-a-thon at a school or business. Have students or colleagues ask the community for donations for walking a certain distance.
  • Create your own! These are ideas to get you started, but creativity is encouraged!

As the host of the event, please consider:

  • Beverages and refreshments
  • Consider asking neighborhood restaurants, bakeries, and shops for donations of food and drink for your event.
  • Take photos throughout the event and send them to us so that we can share your success on Facebook and our website!


Using a peer to peer platform like GoFundMe or Crowdrise has proven to be an easy and effective strategy to raise money for the new Green Lake Boathouse Campaign. See this page for a good example and inspiration for creating your own peer to peer campaign. Sample talking points and your own personal story of why you care about this new home are what you need to get started! We will be using the platform GiveLively – please contact Jill MacCorkle ( for information on how to set up a campaign.


Good old-fashioned letters and emails sent to those who share the same values, beliefs, and experiences as you can be a successful tool in raising money. Invite friends you shared your Green Lake experience with to invest in this once in a lifetime opportunity. A sample letter and email are included for you to edit and make your own.


Social media is a great way to share the news about the new Green Lake Community Boathouse campaign. Personally reaching out to your contacts on Facebook is very effective in engaging them in the campaign. Sample social media (Facebook and Twitter) posts are included in this tool kit on the collateral page. Remember to @ “tag” the appropriate Green Lake page or group in your Facebook posts.