Not sure who to ask? Here are some great ideas of people to put on your list:

Family:  Consider both your immediate family and relatives you haven’t seen in a while.

Friends you Rowed With: Think about your friends and their extended circles. Invite those you rowed with!

Acquaintances: People you see once in a while, people you met online, friends at your old job, people you went to school with, former teachers and professors, past sorority and fraternity friends.

Social networks: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great places to publicize your event.

Colleagues: People you work with, eat lunch with, and ride the elevator with who have an affinity for Green Lake, rowing, paddling, or sailing.

Seattle neighbors: Next door, upstairs, downstairs, one floor up, the whole block! Remember your neighborhood association members, landlord, babysitter, pet sitter, and parents of your children’s friends.

Friends from other organizations: PTA, labor union, bowling league, sports teams, running group, workout friends, yoga class, book club, church, children’s activities, people you volunteer with.