Lead with YOUR story and memories. Why do you support the new Green Lake Community Boathouse? The rest of the talking points are here for you to use but most important in asking for someone’s support is sharing why you care and believe in the cause.

Easy and affordable access to public lakes and waterways is one of the best ways to improve the quality of life for everyone in the Seattle region. Yet, there are many in the Northwest region who are still excluded from watersports due to their background or physical ability.

For nearly 70 years, Green Lake programs have been the premier resource for Seattleites of all ages and abilities to connect with quality, low-cost watersports.  The Green Lake Small Craft Center is one of the most heavily-used local park facilities in the most visited public park in Seattle. It is home to Green Lake Crew – one of only two public crew programs in Seattle, and the Seattle Canoe and Kayak Club – the only public club in Seattle focused on canoeing and kayaking. 

Green Lake is a cost-effective alternative to private facilities, but the current Green Lake Small Craft Center facility limits our ability to offer what the community needs.

  • Our programs are running close to capacity and there’s not enough storage for more boats or an appropriate dock to expand our programs.
  • Two of our three buildings do not meet current earthquake building code requirements.
  • The primary off-water training area lacks proper lighting and ventilation.
  • A recent evaluation cited more than 150 issues related to ADA accessibility.
  • The facility also lacks private, safe changing areas and restrooms.