Required forms

The following forms are required for participation in the rowing programs at Green Lake. In order to be allowed to participate in practices all forms must be signed and turned into the office on the first day of crew. If you have questions as to whether you are current on paperwork please contact the office. You may register for courses online, or by using  this form.

All rowers must submit the following forms:

Float Test: Most classes at Green Lake Small Craft Center require a participant to pass a float test. Float tests must be taken at any swimming pool or beach under the supervision of a lifeguard certified by the American Red Cross. Float tests are valid for three years. Contact the office to find out if your float test has expired.

Assumption of Risk & Release Form: This form is needed from every participant of an activity at Green Lake Small Craft Center, and expires at the end of each calendar year. Participants under the age of 18 must have the form signed by their Parent or Guardian.

USRowing Waiver: The waiver and paid membership are completed online. The USRowing waiver is valid for the calendar year and is required for competition at any regatta. The paid membership is valid for a full year from the month of payment and is required only for competition at the USRowing Regional Championships in May and USRowing Youth National Championships in June.

Junior rowers must also submit the following forms:

Participant Information and Medical Authorization Forms: This form is required for every junior crew athlete prior to participation in practice, and expires at the end of each calendar year. Please note, this form is different than the E-13 form used by our summer camps.

Code of Conduct:  This form is needed from every junior crew athlete prior to participation in practice, and expires at the end of each calendar year. It outlines the conduct that is expected of athletes at our facility. It must be signed by both the parent and participant.

Medical Release and Temporary Surrogate Authorization:  This form provides consent for us to contact emergency medical services in the event that we cannot immediately contact a parent while travelling. Required for travel to Canada, must be notarized. This form does not expire.

Spring 2020 Regattas Permission Slip: This form is required each competitive season. It outlines competition dates and gives permission for participants to travel and compete with the team.

Junior Crew Spring Letter/Parent Volunteer Form 2020: This document provides an overview for the season and volunteer opportunities.

Financial Aid to help meet class or travel costs is available to all Green Lake rowers through the City of Seattle, Friends of Green Lake Crew, and the Pocock Foundation. Please contact the office for information.