Spring Season is Here!

It’s the end of January — how is it spring season already? Actually, if you’ve been looking down on your walks around town, you might have noticed that early spring growth has already started — watch for a splash of purple, yellow, or white as the first crocuses are already popping up! And here at Green Lake, the junior spring season starts February 2nd. (Not signed up yet? Click on over to the Classes page for the links to register.) So while it still feels a lot like winter, there’s a lot of practice to be done to get ready for the first regatta of the season, our own Green Lake Spring Regatta on March 19th. 

Over the winter we’ve been working on several projects between the Seattle Parks staff and the Rowing Advisory Council. We’ve updated our safety equipment to include ladders on our launches, new blankets, and new PFDs and float coats. Staff are advocating with the City to allow our junior athletes to travel outside the area this spring, with appropriate Covid precautions, and in anticipation of that travel, we are making arrangements for lodging for overnight trips. The RAC is in the beginning stages of forming a new parent booster group that will help our new and returning families get acquainted with each other and with our programs. The Masters Advisory Council is working on establishing a regatta schedule for adult rowers and exploring improvements to our adult class structure. And we are getting ready for our 27th Annual Raisin’ of the Green Auction on April 9th! 

Stay tuned for more news, and remember: pull hard, go fast, and have fun!