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The Green Lake Community Boathouse

At the heart of Seattle, Green Lake is one of our most treasured public waterways and the most visited public park. It is also home to one of the most successful public youth rowing programs in the country and canoe and kayak teams that produce world-class athletes. These programs are changing lives, shaping future leaders, and creating athletes who compete at the highest level of the sport.

Green Lake is the only place in North Seattle that offers public, low-cost rowing, paddling, and sailing programs in one place. Yet there are still barriers for many people to participate, including cost, physical ability, and the condition of our current facility. We are actively addressing these challenges, including building a new Green Lake Community Boathouse. With the conclusion of our successful fundraising campaign and project planning, we are looking forward to opening the new boathouse in 2023.

Our vision for the new Green Lake Community Boathouse is a place that ensures anyone has the chance to thrive on the waters of Green Lake for generations to come. It will be a gathering place for people of all ages, abilities, neighborhoods, and backgrounds to connect through public water sports.