The Ergathon is All New, All Together for 2021

As we get reconnected to our beloved lake during our first Fall Season back, we’re trying something new! Our upcoming 2021 Ergathon will be benefiting the Green Lake Community Boathouse Project, and will be open to all! Novice and experienced junior rowers, masters (adult) rowers, coaches, alumni, family, and friends – all are welcome to participate. We will even have members of the Seattle Canoe and Kayak Club on their ergs. You don’t even have to be at the lake to participate – consider simply making a donation, or reading on to learn how you can help with fundraising, even remotely!


This year, it's competitive!

The event this year will be a team competition! Mixed teams will compete to see who can rack up the most meters rowed, with a twist: for every $1 the team raises, we will credit them with 10 extra meters. Meters rowed on the ergs + 10 meters for every $1 raised = total meters credited. Teams will kick off their efforts on October 2nd on the ergs. Donations through the rest of the Fall Season will count toward the grand totals and the winning fundraising team will be announced on November 8th. In the end, the winning team will be awarded an engraved paver in front of the new boathouse, some fun swag, and bragging rights for the year! And we will all win by spending time together working toward a cause we all support.

Online and mail-in donations

New this year: participants will create their own fundraising pages to share so that donations can be easily accepted online via credit card. That will include YOU if you sign up to help! We will still do our regular mail campaign, too, for everyone who loves getting a letter in the mail and prefers to donate by check. 

October 2nd

On the day of the Ergathon, we invite you to come down to the lake. We’ll be outside with plenty of space to socially distance. If you’re on one of the teams, you can even help pull the ergs. Or just grab a cup of coffee, chat with the coaches and staff, take a walk around the lake, and reconnect with Green Lake Crew. We’ve missed you! And if you can’t be there in person, we’ll be bringing you live updates on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

For the Boathouse

This year we are pivoting to dedicate all our fundraising to the single most important project that will help GLC make the leap to next-level programming and increased opportunities for all: our new Green Lake Community Boathouse. The new boathouse is going to unleash an amazing new era in GLC history, and we want you to be part of it. You can read an update about the project and how it’s going to change Green Lake here.

Make a general donation, or scroll down the linked page to look for an individual fundraiser’s page you’d like to donate through!