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The Rowing Advisory Council (RAC), a subsidiary of the Associated Recreation Council, is the advisory body of Green Lake Crew. This is where decisions are made regarding the budget, equipment purchases, and fundraising. The RAC meets at the boathouse on the third Wednesday of each month, with a few exceptions. Meetings are open to all. Come see if the RAC is of interest to you.

Current RAC members:

President: Mike Stanley

Vice President: Sean MacCorkle

Treasurer: Kenneth Tseng

Assistant Treasurer: David Marks

Secretary: Karen Jansen

Assistant Secretary: Jessie Compeau

Monica Alcabin

Tim Amen

Wendy Caldwell

Susan Chace

Zoe Cogan

Bob Curley

Jonathan Hartung

Erika Hermanson

Riley Link

Griff Overturf

Darcy Paschino

Teri Thomson Randall

Sandi Whiton

Ex-officio members:

Jason Frisk, Senior Recreation Program Specialist