DateEventEst. PriceSquad
Jan. 6First day Winter Conditioning: Boys: M/T/W/Th/Sat
Girls: M/W/F
Feb. 1Last day Winter Junior Conditioning GirlsNovice/Exp
Feb. 2Last day Winter Junior Conditioning BoysNovice/Exp
Feb 5First Day Spring Season$675 Exp/$563 NovNovice/Exp
Mar 21Spring Regatta at Green Lake~$60Novice/Exp
April 4Husky Open~$55Select Exp
April 4Raisin’ of the Green AuctionAll
Apr 11Rose City Scrimmage, Vancouver Lake, Vancouver, WA~$130Novice/Exp
Apr 24-26Brentwood Regatta, Brentwood College, Victoria, BC~$450Novice/Exp
May 2Opening DayfreeSelect Exp
May 14 – 17NW Youth Regionals, Vancouver, WA~$450Novice/Exp
May 21Last Day Spring SeasonNovice/Exp
May 22Awards Celebration at Nile TemplefreeNovice/Exp
Sept. 5First day of Fall Junior Crew$381Novice/Exp
Sept. 12Parent Meeting 6:45pmFreeNovice Parents
Sept. 28Erg-a-thon @ Green Lake
Oct. 4-6Brentwoodselect JV
Oct. 6Tail of the Lake
Oct. 7 Novice Dual at GL
Oct 12Brentwood Dual$300Exp
Oct.12Head of the Snohomish @ Everett ~$65Exp
Oct.19Head of the Charles @ BostonExp
Oct. 27Portland Fall Classic @ Portland, OR~$130Novice/Exp
Nov. 2Frostbite Regatta @ Green Lake~$55Novice/Exp
Nov. 4Head of the Lake @ UW boathouse
~$57Exp Boys
Nov. 5Last day Fall Junior Crew—all meet at 4:15 p.m.
Nov. 7First day Fall Conditioning: Boys
(T, W, Th, Sat)
Nov. 7First day Fall Conditioning: Girls (M,W,F)$108Novice/Exp
Dec. 21Last day Fall Junior ConditioningNovice/Exp