There are a few forms of communication we use to keep families updated on what is happening at Green Lake.

iCrew: iCrew is a platform where we keep all current paperwork and information for the team. It is not usually used for regular communication, however, you may receive emails from this platform occasionally.

Constant Contact: an email platform that allows us to send out important information via email to anyone who signs up to receive the emails.  This is the best way to keep in contact with us and to know what is going on during the season and the year. Sign up to receive these emails here.

Slack: Slack is a form of instant messaging that we use to communicate with the team, as well as families. There is a ‘Green Lake Parent Slack’ that you can become a part of. You will need to be invited by someone who is already in the group, so please contact the parent boosters to be invited to join.