We are currently looking for part time coaches.

Share your expertise with our adult rowers!

Call Natalie 206-406-6124

Adult or “Masters” rowing is open to everyone 21 and older. Green Lake Adult Crew (GLAC) offers multiple ways for you to get involved, depending on your goals and rowing experience. Our classes range from Learn-to-Row to Competitive Rowing, and can be taken at various times and days of the week. In general, participants progress from Learn-to-Row, to Developmental Rowing, and then to either (or both) Continuing Rowing and Competitive Rowing. GLAC field men’s, women’s, and mixed boats in local, regional, and national regattas. We work hard to improve our technique and fitness, so that we can race fast and have fun. Some of us row in the early morning, others mid-morning, and others in the evening. Check out the Classes and Calendar page for more information (and don’t forget to complete the required paperwork on the Forms page).

Coxswains Wanted!

Green Lake Adult Crew is seeking experienced coxswains. Current opportunities are Saturdays and Sundays, 9-11am.
If interested, please contact Natalie, team co-captain, at 206-406-6124.