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An Important Update About the Boathouse Project

September 17, 2021

After a long COVID-related pause during which we worked tirelessly behind the scenes, we are pleased to update the community on the status of the boathouse project. Here are the highlights. You can read a more detailed update in this letter: GLCBH Update Letter

January 2021: Project bids came back well above our budget, by about $1.5 million, due to COVID-related market volatility. We were unable to award a contract and went back to the drawing board.

February-July 2021: The fundraising team worked to secure additional funding from public sources. We pursued a private foundation for support but our project was not a fit for them. We opted to wait until we had a solid plan for rebidding the project before reopening fundraising to our community members, who have already given so generously to this vision. In the meantime, foundations behind our largest grants have all remained committed to the project and every donor thus far has stayed in the race with us. 

August 2021: With plan revisions mostly completed and additional funding commitments secured from the City, County, and State, the Steering Committee and our program boards decided unanimously to proceed with a rebid of the project this fall.

September 2021: Plans were submitted to the City and are currently awaiting approval. We anticipate putting the project out for bids again in October with an eye to awarding a construction contract by the end of the year!

We know that we will still have some fundraising ahead of us to complete the entire vision, including new docks and future boat launch areas. The Green Lake Crew Fall Ergathon will be our first fundraising effort in the community since last year, and we hope you’ll join the effort! Watch your email inboxes and our social media accounts for more information. Thank you for the support you have shown us throughout this process. You have kept the boat steady, and we are deeply grateful. 

Campaign Progress


Seed money is raised for design planning of the project and starting the campaign


Schacht Aslani Architects are chosen to design the new building

November 2017

We are awarded a Department of Neighborhoods grant of $100,000 which gets our fundraising campaign off the ground

January 2018

We are awarded a King County Parks grant of $100,000

May 2018

Private fundraising campaign begins

Summer 2018

Leaders of the Green Lake Rowing Advisory Council and Campaign Committee step up with early gifts

November 2018

We are awarded $2.925 million from the Parks Department’s Major Projects Challenge Fund

Green Lake Crew celebrates its 70th anniversary

January 2019

We pass the $1 million mark in private donations from individuals and foundations

June 2019

We are awarded two state grants from the Recreation and Conservation Office for a combined total of $951,000

Plans are 60% finalized and are sent out for permitting

July 2019

Private donations stand at $1.6 million, with a campaign total of $5.8 million raised toward our $6.5 million goal

August 2019

The campaign goes public, beginning our community outreach phase

October 2019

King County Councilmember Jeanne Kohl-Welles secures another $50,000 in funding from the county

November 2019

A late fall online fundraising push brings us near the $6 million mark

December 2019

The Juniper Foundation awards us our biggest gift to date, a matching grant of $250,000 that puts us into the sprint for the finish line. All donations are now matched through the end of the campaign.

February 2020

The campaign hits the $6,300,000 mark.

March 2020
COVID-19 causes the closure of all of our programs at the Small Craft Center. Although fundraising takes a brief hiatus, plans for permitting and construction continue.
August 2020

The city spends several days laying a new water line to serve the facility. The campaign works with the city to stay on track through the bidding process in anticipation of groundbreaking before the end of the year.

January 2021
The project is bid out for construction. Driven by COVID-related cost increases, the bids we receive are $1.5 million over our budget, and we cannot award a contract. The boat has flipped and we are in the water. We pull ourselves back in and rejoin the race. Plans are assessed for potential cost savings, and the fundraising team works behind the scenes to secure more funding for the project.
August 2021

We secure additional funding commitments from the City, County, and State, and the board unanimously approves a motion to move forward. We still anticipate a funding gap and pivot all our fundraising efforts to the boathouse project.

September 2021

Revised plans are re-submitted to the City. We expect to rebid the project in October in time to award a construction contract by the end of the year.