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The Plans

Our Plans: The New Green Lake Community Boathouse

To fulfill our promise as a public program, we are building the new Green Lake Community Boathouse. This new space will be uniquely positioned to help everyone – especially low-income communities and people with disabilities – gain greater access to public watersports. Download our brochure here


Our primary goals for the Boathouse include:

  • Expand the reach of the programs to a larger population
  • Launch new programs to reach new users
  • Improve the safety of the facility

Building Features:

The new Green Lake Community Boathouse will be designed to grow with the future demand for programs. It will be a safe and vibrant space for communities to be active together.

  • Greater Capacity: The new 10,600 square foot space will grow capacity for programs through a combination of increased and more efficient boat storage and additional instructional space. 
  • Workout and Instruction Space: Increased areas for instruction and off-water workouts will allow for greater supervision by qualified coaching staff under safer conditions.
  • ADA Accessibility: The ADA-compliant facility will allow us to launch the first public adaptive rowing program in Seattle.
  • Training and Community Gathering Space: A multipurpose room will allow greater off-water classes and provide room for larger meetings and community events.
  • Locker Rooms and Restrooms: User safety will be improved through basic elements such as restrooms, lockers, and changing facilities, and areas for off-water instruction with code-compliant ventilation.
  • Enhanced Community Visibility: The new Boathouse will connect more everyday park users with both activities at the center and the lake itself by improving the park user experience along the path and at the water’s edge.

Expanded Programs

  • Rowing, sailing, and paddling programs for both youth and adults: We expect 20% program growth in the first three years after opening the new boathouse. 
  • Community Events and Trainings: We can host new classes for community members like CPR, water safety, paddling, yoga, and more. In addition, the new facility will host four major regattas per year, attracting 2,600 participants and 6,600 spectators from all over Seattle and the region.
  • New Adaptive Rowing Program: With the new ADA compliant facility, we will be able to offer the first public adaptive rowing programs to the city and expand our parapaddling program. Specialized Programs of Seattle Parks and Recreation will also be able to expand their work with individuals of differing physical and cognitive abilities at the Community Boathouse

“Minority and low-income populations face enormous inequities in accessing the “blue space” found on Seattle’s lakes and waterways. The Green Lake Community Boathouse is uniquely positioned to help close this gap…”  – Tom Hull, Chair, Greater Seattle YMCA

“This project will allow us to serve even more of these special needs with the ability to increase programs, and offer more adaptive programs…”   – Kyle Bywater, SPR Specialized Programs